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Let there be light in your space

You can never have too much lighting in your home or office. Light makes you more alert and brings life into a room. We can help you to provide lighting in places that you did not know was possible.


If you have always wanted to add vanity lighting in your bathroom, we can help you execute this look.


The possibilities are endless when it comes to your lighting options. Brighten up those dark areas of your home.

Ensure that your fixture is safely installed

Do you want to add a chandelier to the décor of your home? A chandelier can add sophistication to any area that you choose. Make sure your chandelier is properly installed.


You do not want to take a chance when it comes to installing lighting fixtures on your own. There is a chance that your fixture will not work, or you can cause interruptions with your other wiring. We will get your fixture installed, safely and effectively.


Professional lighting

 •  Install light fixtures

 •  Recessed lighting

 •  Install dimmers

 •  Install switches

 •  Install receptacles

 •  Lighting design

 •  Outdoor lighting solutions

 •  Under cabinet lighting

When you need electrical installations for your lighting trust the job to an electrician from Aries Electrical Service And Controls

Call today to get your lighting needs met